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A Sunny Sunday At Kew Gardens 'Full of Spice': Part I

23 Jul 2015
Those of you who have followed my blog since this time last year may remember my previous visit to Kew Gardens during Plantasia, which taught me a lot about healing plants, and featured a slightly peculiar but fun Barefoot Walk. I also checked out 'Christmas At Kew' in December which was lovely, colourful and all things Christmassy.

Well, this year Kew is hosting a Spice Festival called 'Full of Spice' and my Mum, Tash and I decided to drive down one sunny Sunday to see what was happening. There's a lot to do with kids but also as adults, to the point where you would definitely need a whole day to get through everything! We mainly just wondered around in the sunshine and enjoyed the pretty flowers

As soon as I got the programme my gaze landed upon the 'Gin Garden' and I ran. No, I didn't actually, that would be weird. And completely unnecessary exercise. But I did make sure we went to everything else we wanted to see via this peculiar Gin Garden. I don't really know what I was expecting and my imagination did slightly trail off into images of gin bottles hanging from branches, but it turned out to be an adorable little van serving delicious No3 Gin cocktails. Slightly more realistic than an actual garden of gin.

I went for the Royal Rose because Rose seems to be the done thing right now and I figured there must be a reason for that. Cardamon is also a winner and, as they rightly quote, the 'Queen of Spices'. It was probably the best gin cocktail I've ever had and I am determined to recreate it at home in my new mason jars.

Next stop was wondering around the Plant Family Beds, wishing that Kew was actually my back garden, and taking pictures of the most colourful of flowers. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lot more to see when we went last year, but there was enough.

There were also a few things like this dotted about the gardens, with fact sheets for the different spices that you might have spotted in a supermarket or two!

We had a late lunch in the 'Orangery Restaurant' which was fantastic. It's pretty pricey there, as you would expect, but the food is delicious and reasonably healthy. In the picture is my chicken, bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich on some gorgeous bread which I've completely forgotten the name of.

I'm going to really try to motivate myself to blog more over the next few weeks. It's not a case of lack of time, it's more lack of confidence in the topics I write about and in my writing in general. I don't know whether it's because I'm an English student, or whether it's just me in general, but I tend to hate a lot of what I write and I never feel like it's good enough. Probably a lifetime of being judged on my academic writing...

So anyway, make sure to look out for Part II which will be coming up in the next few days! 

Imogen x

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  1. jessisratherstrange .23 July 2015 at 15:07

    Aww I love Kew Gardens! Looks like an amazing time x


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