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22 Aug 2015
Firstly, thank you to one of my absolute favourite bloggers Beth, for tagging me in the ultra positive, sweet 50 Things That Make Me Happy tag. It's always especially lovely to have someone mention you in their blog unexpectedly and I've realised that I should probably do it a lot more. It's pretty easy to forget how far a little appreciation can go, and it will quite often make someone's day. Now that I've finished this little introduction, I'm off on a commenting/expressing my undying love for other bloggers spree...

I've tagged a few people at the bottom as well!

1. Smiles from strangers.
2. Long coffee catch ups.
3. Cold evenings on the beach.
4. Rollercoasters.
5. Heights.
6. Fizzy strawberry laces.
7. Studio Ghibli Films.
8. Starry nights.
9. Molten Chocolate Puddings.
10. My good day playlist.

11. Long walks.
12. Swimming in the sea.
13. Reminiscing about my year abroad.
14. Trashy American Sitcoms.
15. New cookbooks.
16. Chinese Takeaways.
17. Happsters Instagram account.
18. A good end result after stepping out of my comfort zone.
19. Being reunited with my housemates in Leeds.
20. Thinking about the possibilities of my future.

21. Being happily alone for a while.
22. Feeling confident.
23. Booking a spa day.
24. Bedtime after a long day.
25. Inspirational quotes on Pinterest.
26. Brainstorming ideas.
27. Feeling completely comfortable around people.
28. That post workout feeling.
29. Saffy, my dog.
30. My family.

31. Baking.
32. Going to the cinema.
33. Feel good movies.
34. The buzz of London.
35. Quaint country villages.
36. Italy.
37. West End Shows.
38. Singing.
39. Dancing.
40. Making people laugh.

41. Brighton.
42. Lakes.
43. Chai Lattes.
44. Boat trips.
45. Tea rooms.
46. Roast Dinner.
47. Old PC games.
48. Disneyland.
49. Yankee Candles.
50. Watersports.

I would like to tag
SarahChloeImiiRhianna and Jasmin.

No obligation whatsoever ladies, although I will say that writing this post was a positive boost on a not so positive day... so, enjoy!

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