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18 Aug 2015

When I was very little, my uncle bought a holiday house in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We spent a week there most summers for what was probably about ten years of my life until my teenage years came about and I began making other plans. One year it was Reading Festival, next it was driving lessons, next it was work. The main thing was that I simply wasn't bothered by it anymore. I think a lot of people go through stages early on in their lives where they just lack the appreciation for simple, beautiful things that we should be incredibly grateful more. I wish I'd made more use of the house, but perhaps because I didn't for the past four years, it's made me appreciate it so much more this time round.

Fortunately, my lack of full-time job meant that I was able to venture up there last weekend with my family (minus the big brother who is far too busy working away). I'm pretty sure my parents were surprised when I said I'd come and when I actually committed to it and stuck to my word.

How would I describe the area that we stay in? Well, it is without a doubt incredibly rural Wales and I'm not just talking no wifi hotspots, I'm talking no 3G (let alone 4G). Admittedly it was kind of nice, because although I'd find it ridiculously impractical to be living there, it was lovely to be able to switch off when I was out and about. Having said that, I did find myself taking snapchats and then sending them properly when I was back in the blessed with wifi house, but I just wanted to share my experience with my friends so I am definitely completely excused from that.

Our first full day consisted of a walk along the moors with a beautiful coastal view and a lot of rocks to climb on. My parents still act annoyingly surprised when I volunteer to go on a walk with them, but I guess the last time I was in Wales was when I was 16 and in that annoying phase where walks are just boring and tiring. I must be getting old now, or just wiser. We'll go with wiser.

There's a big pond at the bottom of the garden where I decided to attempt to row a boat with my dog in it. She did want to join me I promise, despite the worried expression she seems to have on her face! I love anything that's on water and I love canoeing, so I always wondered whether or not I'd be good at rowing. In fact, I like to think that I'm fantastic at ever single water sport there is despite never even having done most of them. I pretty much led myself to believe that I'd have a natural talent and would find my calling and have to join the Rowing Club in Leeds and become an absolutely blooming fantastic rower, but surprise surprise, that was very ambitious thinking. I definitely got the hang of it though, considering I've never rowed before!

And this was the glorious view from the house. You can just about make out the sea in this photo, along with a not so picturesque digger at the bottom of the garden... nothing's ever perfect is it. I'll be posting pictures from my coastal walk in a few days so look out for that!

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