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9 Aug 2015

Don't you just love it when you have no real set plan, you just go with the flow and even though the day's not perfect, it's kind of special? Sometimes spontaneity is the best, and in Wednesday's case, it definitely was. 

We all know I love London. Blah blah blah. You can see how much I love London in my London 2015 Bucket List which I am ever so gradually getting through with the help of my ever-obliging family and friends. I think my mum probably decided I might shut up about my obsession with the city if we went on a girly day out there, and she even agreed that we could attempt to get last minute tickets to a musical. This was probably one of the most expensive ideas on my list and it was also one of the most unrealistic, as we had left it till the actual day to get tickets. Luckily for us, I spend far too much of my spare time googling musicals and theatre productions and ways to get tickets, and I was already familiar with this Theatre Monkey article on how to get theatre tickets for less. And so, we hopped on a train on Wednesday and ventured over to Waterloo, with a lot of ideas, but not much expectation. 

The bad news was that it was absolutely prime tourist time and South Bank/Westminster was full of little kiddies and various large international groups. No No No. Not my cup of tea. People were moving at the pace of snails I swear, and we really needed to get to the theatre to see what tickets they had on offer! In future I must try not to be a London newbie and always choose the less touristy route instead (Embankment bridge!) when walking from Waterloo. 

Anyway, forty-five minutes later, after what should have been a twenty-minute walk we managed to nab ourselves some tickets for Bend It Like Beckham from the Phoenix Theatre Box Office. They didn't have quite the savings I was expecting, but we did get some pretty decent seats for £39 as opposed to £49. We also passed by Leicester Square TKTS which I've never used before but seemed to have quite a lot of tickets for shows on offer. I should also mention the new site, which is great for anyone who wants to know more about what the different seats are like, and is a site that I will definitely be checking next time I go to the theatre. Now, I'm not going to sit here and lie about it being my all time favourite musical. That trophy would have to go to The Lion King, which I saw in January for a whopping great £72.50 and which I would pay a whopping great £72.50 for again. I would however highly recommend Bend It Like Beckham to anyone and everyone. It was fun, exciting, uplifting and the dancing was fantastic. The actors were all fantastic, and the script was perfect. The director is actually the same Gurinder Chadha who directed the film, so the musical was incredibly faithful to the film itself. Admittedly, this stole away from the story ever so slightly, because I knew exactly what was going to be said and what was going to happen. Having said this, I don't know whether it could've been pulled off as well if they hadn't stuck so well to the film!

We had lunch at Muriel's Kitchen and then popped on over to Covent Garden, which seems to be our point of call whenever we visit London. Just around the corner, we actually stumbled upon Neal's Yard, which is a place I've wanted to see ever since I saw it pinned on Pinterest a while back! It was so pretty and colourful, even in the rain, so I would definitely recommend anyone popping down there for a quick visit if you have the chance!

Imogen x

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