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Lake Garda // Garda Town

17 Sep 2015

Time for another Italy post? I think so.

The first time my family and I went to Lake Garda on holiday, we stayed in Garda. Although we definitely prefer Limone on a whole, Garda itself has its own fantastic qualities. Unsurprisingly, it's a stunning town with lots of character and a ton of gelaterias and restaurants; it's also a heck of a lot busier than little old Limone, which makes it a much better place to stay for young people. We even spotted some young Australian guys walking by while we were filling ourselves up with pizza, which was enough to make me momentarily wish I was staying there instead...

Our day began with a very stressful drive into Salo in an attempt to find the ferry port, tensions ran high and we eventually gave up and drove on over to Desanzano instead, where we then hopped on a boat to Garda. 1 1/2 hours later, a substantial way into my book and about five towns later and we arrived in Garda. The ferry times were so awful that we ended up with less than two hours to wander around the town and have lunch, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately the weather was a little bit unpredictable, and within thirty minutes the heavens had opened and the rain came pouring down. This put a stop to my plans for ice cream along the lakefront, but we did manage to nip into the many cute shops they have in the town. 

If you look through the pictures below then you'll see the charm and the individuality of the Italian streets in Lake Garda. 

I Might Have Tweaked A Few Things

14 Sep 2015

Hiya everyone!

I wasn't 100% happy with my blog design, so I decided to change things up a bit. I allocated myself a very small amount of time to change it and ended up reorganising a lot of aspects, but I am pretty happy about the way it's turned out. Let me know what you think!

So, what's changed?

Lake Garda // Mountain Choirs, Llamas & Paragliders

10 Sep 2015

Does that seem like a weird title to you? It kind of sounds like I've just made it up in a desperate attempt to entice you all into this potentially underwhelming post - that is not true, I promise. I really did head up a mountain only to find an Italian choir performing, llamas and some risky paragliders. The post will also hopefully not be underwhelming because there are lots of pretty pictures of pretty places, and who doesn't like pretty pictures?

Apparently Sunday is Funday and gets all the Italians (and tourists) out. It really was quite unexpected and there turned out to be something for everyone - Mum liked listening to the beautiful choir voices (we all love a good all-male choral group), Tash liked the funny llamas, Dad liked the mountain in general and I liked watching the exciting paragliders. A good 50% of my bucket list must be some form of extreme sport now and paragliding certainly features on that list, so it was not only in awe that I watched the paragliders set off from the top of the mountain overlooking the lake but also in envy. There was the little issue of a long and hot wait for the overly packed and stuffy cable cars to head up Monte Baldo, but overall it was a fantastic day trip.

Today, you will also be seeing pictures from our boat trip over the lake from Limone, the town I was staying in, to Malcesine and Monte Baldo. Got it? Okay, enjoy!

A Cookbook Wishlist

8 Sep 2015
 ...featuring a book dedicated solely to chicken

In less than two weeks, I will heading back to Leeds, back to University life and back to cooking for myself every day. In all honesty, I really don't cook much when I'm at home. I bake, yes, but I never seem to cook any family meals. When I'm living without my family and my darling wonderful cook of a mother, I will spend hours on end in the kitchen. As in, like a whole afternoon sometimes. Some say that time could be better-used studying, I say that food is life and we must always dedicate the vast majority of our days to it.

In preparation of my exciting move to final year and more cooking for myself, I have put together a little cookbook wishlist. It's a collection of books that I think would be suitable for a student on a middle range budget, who is also a keen aspiring healthy eater and likes food that looks pretty. Some of these are vegan, vegetarian, plant-based and all that jazz but I have absolutely no intention whatsoever to move over to any of these diets, ever. I am however willing to give a few recipes a go!

Lake Garda's Little Gem // Limone Sul Garda

6 Sep 2015

Lake Garda is my favourite place to be. It encompasses a blue lake, mountains and adorable little towns all in one. You know those places you keep on going back to year after year? Lake Garda is the one for us. Admittedly, I've only actually ever been to four countries so there isn't all that much to compare it to. In fact, I've never seen any of the other Italian Lakes but whatever, I'm sticking with Lake Garda for now.

If you asked me what kind of a 'holiday person' I was, then I would probably say most types but anything but a city. I like city breaks. Not city family holidays. In fact, the countless 'What Type of Holiday is Right for You?' quizzes I've taken over my lifetime have told me that I am either a 'beach' or an 'active' holiday girl, that is to say, I enjoy lying on the beach/lakefront, doing nothing all day one day, but I would happily get on a jet ski or paraglide off a mountain or something like that the next day.

The Best Carrot Cake Ever (& Orange Cream Cheese Frosting)

3 Sep 2015

I've never seen myself as a big fan of carrot cakes. I'm just always thinking, why have a carrot cake, when you can have a chocolate cake? So when my Dad asked for a Carrot Cake for his 60th, I wasn't overly enthused about making it.

Because of this lack of enthusiasm and because I've only ever actually attempted (and failed) a carrot cake once before in my life, I knew that there was only one website I wanted to look at for my recipe. Sally's Baking Addiction has been my absolute favourite from the start and every single recipe she posts seems to be absolutely spot on. She is literally the ultimate baking goddess. So I turned to her for a carrot cake recipe and I figured yeah, it'll probably turn out to be half decent at least, right? Wrong. It was half decent times two, which equals 100% decent which equals perfection. Yes, I said it, the tables have turned and I am now a carrot cake convert.