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A Cookbook Wishlist

8 Sep 2015
 ...featuring a book dedicated solely to chicken

In less than two weeks, I will heading back to Leeds, back to University life and back to cooking for myself every day. In all honesty, I really don't cook much when I'm at home. I bake, yes, but I never seem to cook any family meals. When I'm living without my family and my darling wonderful cook of a mother, I will spend hours on end in the kitchen. As in, like a whole afternoon sometimes. Some say that time could be better-used studying, I say that food is life and we must always dedicate the vast majority of our days to it.

In preparation of my exciting move to final year and more cooking for myself, I have put together a little cookbook wishlist. It's a collection of books that I think would be suitable for a student on a middle range budget, who is also a keen aspiring healthy eater and likes food that looks pretty. Some of these are vegan, vegetarian, plant-based and all that jazz but I have absolutely no intention whatsoever to move over to any of these diets, ever. I am however willing to give a few recipes a go!

1. Deliciously Ella
- Ella Woodward
Bought and so far love. It is a plant-based diet which as previously stated, I am so not ready to commit to, but some of her recipes are so appealing that I'm willing to open my mind a bit more.

2. Naturally Sassy: My recipes for an energised, healthy and happy you
- Saskia Gregson-Williams
I would like to be energised, healthy and happy, please.

3. Rosa's Thai Cafe: The Cookbook
- Saiphin Moore
I've never actually been to Rosa's Thai Café before, but I sure would like to go. I seem to go crazy over any Thai meal I have out, so I'm sure this would be a hit with me. It may potentially be too ambitious a cookbook for a student (what the heck are 'Larb Spring Rolls?') but it could also be great.

4. The Skinny Soup maker Recipe Book
- CookNation
Were I to begin dieting (very, very unlikely.), I would like to incorporate low-calorie but filling soups into my lunchtime routine. They're simple and can be so tasty.

5. A Bird in The Hand: Chicken recipes for every day and every mood
- Diana Henry
Now that's what I'm talking about! Chicken, chicken, chicken.

6. The Art of Eating Well
- The Hemsley Sisters
I'm sure most people have heard of the famous cookbook from the inspiring Hemsley sisters. Apparently this book has a lot of chatty bits about healthy eating and cutting out certain things and whatnot.

7. Super Healthy Snacks and Treats
- Jenna Zoe
I looooove me some snacks. My friends must be sick and tired of me moaning about how I 'need to be fed every few hours or I'll feel ill and faint'. I am really trying to get out of the habit of snacking on sugary treats and into the habit of healthier ones.

8. Davina's 5 Weeks To Sugar-Free
- Davina McCall

Have you got any cookbooks that you would recommend? Or are there any that you've seen recently that I haven't added to my list?

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