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Lake Garda // Garda Town

17 Sep 2015

Time for another Italy post? I think so.

The first time my family and I went to Lake Garda on holiday, we stayed in Garda. Although we definitely prefer Limone on a whole, Garda itself has its own fantastic qualities. Unsurprisingly, it's a stunning town with lots of character and a ton of gelaterias and restaurants; it's also a heck of a lot busier than little old Limone, which makes it a much better place to stay for young people. We even spotted some young Australian guys walking by while we were filling ourselves up with pizza, which was enough to make me momentarily wish I was staying there instead...

Our day began with a very stressful drive into Salo in an attempt to find the ferry port, tensions ran high and we eventually gave up and drove on over to Desanzano instead, where we then hopped on a boat to Garda. 1 1/2 hours later, a substantial way into my book and about five towns later and we arrived in Garda. The ferry times were so awful that we ended up with less than two hours to wander around the town and have lunch, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately the weather was a little bit unpredictable, and within thirty minutes the heavens had opened and the rain came pouring down. This put a stop to my plans for ice cream along the lakefront, but we did manage to nip into the many cute shops they have in the town. 

If you look through the pictures below then you'll see the charm and the individuality of the Italian streets in Lake Garda. 

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