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Lake Garda // Mountain Choirs, Llamas & Paragliders

10 Sep 2015

Does that seem like a weird title to you? It kind of sounds like I've just made it up in a desperate attempt to entice you all into this potentially underwhelming post - that is not true, I promise. I really did head up a mountain only to find an Italian choir performing, llamas and some risky paragliders. The post will also hopefully not be underwhelming because there are lots of pretty pictures of pretty places, and who doesn't like pretty pictures?

Apparently Sunday is Funday and gets all the Italians (and tourists) out. It really was quite unexpected and there turned out to be something for everyone - Mum liked listening to the beautiful choir voices (we all love a good all-male choral group), Tash liked the funny llamas, Dad liked the mountain in general and I liked watching the exciting paragliders. A good 50% of my bucket list must be some form of extreme sport now and paragliding certainly features on that list, so it was not only in awe that I watched the paragliders set off from the top of the mountain overlooking the lake but also in envy. There was the little issue of a long and hot wait for the overly packed and stuffy cable cars to head up Monte Baldo, but overall it was a fantastic day trip.

Today, you will also be seeing pictures from our boat trip over the lake from Limone, the town I was staying in, to Malcesine and Monte Baldo. Got it? Okay, enjoy!

Next up will be our day trip to the wonderful (and slightly more vibrant than little old Limone), Garda.

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