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Lake Garda's Little Gem // Limone Sul Garda

6 Sep 2015

Lake Garda is my favourite place to be. It encompasses a blue lake, mountains and adorable little towns all in one. You know those places you keep on going back to year after year? Lake Garda is the one for us. Admittedly, I've only actually ever been to four countries so there isn't all that much to compare it to. In fact, I've never seen any of the other Italian Lakes but whatever, I'm sticking with Lake Garda for now.

If you asked me what kind of a 'holiday person' I was, then I would probably say most types but anything but a city. I like city breaks. Not city family holidays. In fact, the countless 'What Type of Holiday is Right for You?' quizzes I've taken over my lifetime have told me that I am either a 'beach' or an 'active' holiday girl, that is to say, I enjoy lying on the beach/lakefront, doing nothing all day one day, but I would happily get on a jet ski or paraglide off a mountain or something like that the next day.

This holiday most definitely fit into the 'relaxing' type, although our little paddleboarding session on the second day could've pushed it towards 'active', and were I to partake in some windsurfing in the hotel next door, or the hike that Dad did by himself on the last day, then it probably could've been considered as 'very active'. To be quite honest with you, it was glorious weather and I desperately wanted to revive the tan that I've so tragically lost from my time in France.

Our days in little Limone mostly consisted of lounging by the pool (an old lemon grove), eating pizza, drinking wine (unlimited at our buffet dinner, yes please), drinking Hugo Spritz, eating pasta, getting on boats, people watching and the occasional walk. Throughout the week we visited a town across the lake called Malcesine, the mountain Monte Baldo, Desanzanzo, Garda and The Dolomites. In this blog post I will show you all my favourite pretty pictures of Limone, almost like an advert for holidays there but without me trying to sell it to you (well, maybe a bit.)

Anyway, enough of this rambling before I have to retitle the post 'Ode To Limone', and no one needs to hear my attempt at soppy poetry.

Note: We went with Thomson by the way, who were great and had holiday reps with ipads ready to answer your emails immediately. Technology these days, eh. We stayed in the same hotel as last time, which is called Hotel Splendid and which is, truly splendid. None of this is sponsored, I just wanted to say that they were fab.

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