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A Little Note on Breakfast at 26 Grains

7 Oct 2015

I met two of my best friends Anna and Rowan on my year abroad, and within about a day of meeting each other we were making plans for day trips, all of which centred around food. We were lucky enough to be in a fantastic location which was close to the Spanish border and other beautiful surrounding areas such as the Pyrenees and Provence. We managed to travel quite a lot, to places like BarcelonaProvenceAvignon and Perpignan, experiencing lots of interesting sights and interesting people!

Back in England and the summer blues hit hard. We all missed Montpellier but we probably missed each other even more, so a trip to London went straight into the diary, along with afternoon tea and tickets for The Audrey Hepburn Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery (which is just about to finish!).  

First stop when I got off the train was, of course, breakfast. Anna and I met in Neal's Yard which is quite possibly my favourite new place in London. We wanted to check out 26 Grains after seeing a billion and one delicious looking pictures featuring them on Instagram. The fact that they're ultra healthy was an added bonus, especially when an indulgent afternoon tea was booked for later in the day (more on that later!)

We sat down, ordered our breakfast and lo and behold a table of healthy goodness appeared before us. I couldn't order anything but the Banana Cacao Porridge Bowl, which was made up of almond milk oats, coconut yoghurts, banana, cacao nibs and maple. Although I'd be lying if I said that it tasted better than if it was made with slightly less healthy ingredients, it was pretty damn good. I'm always skeptical about how good a substitute these things actually are for the classic ingredients, but 26 Grains has increased my faith! Turns out that Cacao nibs are actually a tasty substitute for chocolate chips, albeit slight more bitter in comparison. I also loved the coconut taste coming from the yoghurt.

Anna had a Raspberry Chia bowl which consisted of a handful of things I've forgotten, but including some delicious apple and blackberry and spiralized apple.

Next up will be afternoon tea at Vintage Salt - an adorable and seemingly inconspicuous little café/restaurant!

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