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4 Oct 2015
I've heard some bloggers say that one of the greatest things about blogging is being able to work with brands and collaborate with other bloggers. I had yet to experience this until an email popped into my inbox in September, asking if I would like to write and shoot pictures for a recipe tutorial. When I was told that it was National Coffee day on the 29th September and that I could do a coffee themed recipe if I wanted, I was completely sold and got planning straight away. The recipe I decided to undertake was for Macarons with a Mocha Ganache, which seemed to me to be the perfect light, but deliciously sweet and elegant dessert. It took me a good few attempts to perfect them because, as with everything it seems the presence of presence and a deadline meant that everything suddenly went wrong!

I hadn't actually heard of the company, Wayfair, before, but when I looked around their site I saw so much cute looking homeware and I will definitely be going back to it! Their prices are incredibly reasonable as well; there are a few pricey items but it is mainly great value.*

*I received some baking goodies in return for the recipe, but this blog post is not sponsored and I genuinely do love the items Wayfair has to offer! The adorable cake stand pictured can be found here on the website!
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