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Autumnal Flowers From Appleyard London

2 Nov 2015

With 3 days until the John Lewis Christmas advert is revealed (no, I'm not ashamed at how excited I am for that), it may seem like Autumn is on its way out. I don't think I'm quite ready to move on from it right now though; I don't want to say goodbye to the cold, but not freezing weather, the crunchy leaves, the autumnal drinks, and I am definitely not ready to move on from the gorgeous colour schemes that autumn brings. Nature is arguably at its peak in these months, and no matter how much I adore Leeds, I have definitely been longing for my home out of the city and surrounded by fields.

Given my adoration of nature in the Autumn months, I was absolutely thrilled when I was sent the beautiful flowers above from Appleyard London. I've never actually had my own bouquet before, so my housemates would probably say that I was slightly over excited when they arrived on at my door the other week. I chose the 'Berry Compote Bouquet' because roses are my all time favourite flowers, and dark red and cream is the most beautiful combination. Admittedly it's quite a romantic looking bouquet, but I absolutely love it. It's also kind of Christmassy, which is an added bonus!

Right now, Appleyard London has a gorgeous Autumn range of seasonal flowers, which I imagined would just be dark reds and oranges, but there's actually an incredible choice and range of colours. In fact, the variety of colour combinations on a whole is fantastic. I wouldn't exactly call myself a flower expert but I know a great selection when I see one.

I don't exactly have a track record of keeping things alive, and I may or may not have left all the plants in our garden to die from slow and painful dehydration while my parents were away on holiday, but I am happy to say that I managed to keep these roses going strong for a long time.

Would you believe me if I told you that the picture above is of the same bouquet? Although the roses gradually died (from natural causes, I promise I didn't kill them off), I was left with a bunch of lilies which opened up beautifully and are still going strong a couple of weeks later. I love the fact that once the roses are gone you will still have these gorgeous blooming lilies to look forward to!

If you fancy your own flowers, or fancy treating someone to one of Appleyard's selection, then you the folks have kindly given me a discount code for 33% off their flowers! Go ahead and use BLOG33 and make sure to instagram or tweet me a picture of what you chose!

*I was sent these flowers to review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a pretty bouquet, I love that after the roses have gone you basically have a new bouquet of lilies!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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