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Christmas At Kew Gardens

22 Dec 2015

There's so much buzz around Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland at Christmas that it's easy to forget about the other, slightly more hidden gems around London. Kew Gardens is a prime example of this, and although Winter Wonderland is great fun, Kew Gardens is somewhat more relaxed, peaceful, and better value for money.

We arrived at 7.30pm and although the temperature was chilly enough for one jumper to be insufficient, it wasn't quite unbearable. Last year I remember my feet were like icicles by the end of the evening and I was actually in genuine pain, but we are in the mildest Winter yet, aren't we? The park itself is pretty big, but there's an obvious trail path to follow, so getting lost is only likely if you're like my Mum and insist on stopping at every, single, minor light/performance... even the ones clearly for small children! 

There are also a couple of food stalls at the start, and various marshmallow and Hot Chestnut stands dotted about the place, but the main food area is at about the halfway point, along with a carousel and helter skelter ride. Tash got a 'Raspberry and Champagne' giant marshmallow which according to her was delicious, Mum went for a chocolate Choux Pastry thing from 'Beltane & Pop' nearer to the end, and we all went for a pulled pork bap at the end. Oh, and four of us got a cup of mulled wine for a grand old £4.50. The prices were as to be expected from a London event, but I could also tell that a lot of thought had been put into selecting the best stalls. 

The event itself wasn't absolutely awe-inspiring and spectacular, but it was cute, pretty, and definitely put me in the mood for Christmas. For quite an excitable person, I really haven't been feeling all that Christmassy lately. Possibly because of stress, or maybe just getting older (it couldn't be?!). The atmosphere though was great, there was music in various parts of the trail, and it was quiet enough for us not to have the problem of too many people ruining the vibes. 

Christmas at Kew is open from 25th November - 2nd January, so there's plenty of time still to book although we did find that going after Christmas last year didn't have quite the same vibe as if we went before!

Have you been to any Christmassy events in London this year?

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