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30 Dec 2015
Hey guys!

So, quite a lot happened in 2015. Some of it I blogged about, some I didn't. Some moments I enjoyed, some I didn't. The months of January - June were spent mainly in France, but I also went to Spain and I went to Italy. I learnt a lot, I baked barely anything, I ate a lot of yummy food, I met a lot of new people and I was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone... like, every single day.

Today, I was looking through some of my posts from this year and decided to bring all my favourites together into a sort of, 'highlights' post. 

I find this post absolutely hilarious. Not because I'm the world's wittiest writer, but because I forget the fact that I turned up to my apartment for my year abroad with no furniture, no electricity, and no housemates for a few days. I also think this is the only post where I've signed off with 'bisous' which is hilarious because I haven't even bothered trying to be French since.

Barcelona Part III and III.

Barcelona is now without a doubt my second favourite city in the world. Admittedly, I haven't actually been to many so there's not much to compare it with, but I still think it's pretty great. 

This post features my trip to a gorgeous farmhouse in Girona, Spain, complete with 20 friends and a swimming pool. It was fun. It also features my second trip to the beautiful Provence with my best friends from Montpellier, Anna and Rowan. That was also fun. 

This post was written at the end of my year abroad and was basically documenting the highlights from my time in Montpellier. It makes me really emotional and I'm so glad I wrote it so that I have something to look back on.

Again, another emotional post. This one was more general, although still focusing on my personal experience and what I'd personally learnt. I'm really happy with how I dealt with my year abroad, but I also feel like there are a few things I would've loved to know before I went away, so this post is kind of to help others as well.

I feel like I almost perfected Macarons, until I was asked to write and shoot a recipe for Wayfair and I ended up messing up about five batches before creating something passable as a Macaron. That being said, I'm really proud of both my Macaron recipes, and I am especially proud of having and accepting the opportunity to work with a great brand.

London, you are the love of my life, and the Sky Garden was on my London list all year so I was, of course, absolutely delighted to go finally. I would happily go again this year, so I think it'll be on my 2016 London Bucket List.

Now, I don't want to blow my own trumpet... but I think I took some bloody fantastic photos while I was away on holiday in Italy. Admittedly this was probably more down to the gorgeous natural lighting than me, but all the same, I love these posts and I love reading about the great time I had.

Have any of you picked out your favourite blog posts of 2015? If so, please do leave your link in the comments because I would love to see them!

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