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My Little Box Opening // January

31 Jan 2016

Hello and welcome to the opening of My Little Box January, just in the nick of time for the end of the month. If you haven't already read about the December Box then feel free to do so before returning to this page, I got a mini NARS blusher in Orgasm which was very, very exciting.

As per usual, all beauty items came in an adorable little bag, so my make-up bag is blooming right now...

The Graduate Diaries Part Two // Annoying Questions

26 Jan 2016

Let's call this one: Annoying Questions

A lot of things annoy me and right now, there are a lot of things about graduates and graduating that are really starting to grind my gears big time. People will not stop asking me what I'm doing once I graduate, why I'm not applying to this, why I'm not applying to that, why I'm so chilled, why I'm so not chilled, blah blah blah. I get that it's an interesting topic of conversation and I probably ask other people about their future plans way too much as well but it can be kind of frustrating when everyone is working at a completely different pace. I know some people who have jobs already, some who applied to twenty different grad schemes and got nothing, some who are taking a gap year and some who are just seeing where life takes them. Everything is fine. All options are fine. Apart from leaving uni and to become a dustbin man or something. Not cool.

These are just a few of the common questions I get asked, with a few answers that have a little more sass and sarcasm than my real-life answers... unless you're a close friend in which case honesty will probably get the better of me.

Recipe // Orange Drizzle Cake

23 Jan 2016

I've made many a rich cake in my time, a Toffee Apple one, a Carrot Cake, a Chocolate Orange Cake, but there is something just so, so refreshingly light about a moist lemon drizzle cake. Unfortunately, we had zero lemons in my house and about fifty oranges. So I grabbed a few and decided to make an Orange Dizzle cake. Clever, eh?

Lumiere London 2016

20 Jan 2016
Charing Cross
I very, very nearly published this post as 'Lumiere London 2015' so firstly, let's just all give me a big old round of applause for getting the year right...

Did anyone notice that London had a little light festival going on this weekend just gone? I think it might've been advertised a bit, I think I saw it on Facebook all day and every day throughout the whole of the beginning of July. I mean it was well advertised, I'll give it that.

Apart from the one in Durham, the biggest light festival I've heard of is La Fête Des Lumières in Lyon and I've heard that it is fanbloodytastic. Unfortunately, despite actually living in France and a few hours from Lyon for the whole year, I was unable to make it to La Fête Des Lumières in 2014, due to the fact that my friend didn't begin her year abroad there until January (so selfish). I did however, manage to catch a little event in Montpellier, which although minuscule in comparison to Lyon, was pretty and magical in its own way. When I found out that there was something similar going on in London this year, I jumped at the chance to head on over and explore.

The Graduate Diaries: Part One // Why I'm Happy About Graduating

17 Jan 2016

Let's call this one: Why I'm Happy About Graduating

It's a really tricky one to guess, but The Graduate Diaries is actually going to be a series of posts all about graduating. Surprise!!! It might be three posts long, or it might be thirty posts long but the aim of the series will be to discuss different aspects of graduating and entering into the job world, while trying to make light of the stress that I'll be facing with the amount of competition and pressure out there because let's face it, final year is m e n t a l.

I'm hoping to discuss my experience with job applications, what I hate about being a soon-to-be graduate, what I love about being a soon-to-be graduate, travelling, comparison, competition and motivation. I just brainstormed this all so I'm sorry not to be more specific, but you get the vague concept. I'd also love it if anyone at University now would like me to talk about anything in particular regarding studying, working, etc, etc, then let me know!

I doubt it'll be smooth sailing but let's just hope to dear God that I do find a job I want eventually because everyone loves a happy ending, right? And maybe if you're all rooting for me then I'll get something?

My Little Box December // Late Opening

15 Jan 2016

Hello, all.

Christmas was a kind of rushed, there's nothing particularly big I want but there's also not enough small things I want, kind of affair. This seems to be happening more often than not as I get older, and I usually end up trawling round the shops with Mum in desperate search of impulsive, last minute inspiration. This year I got two main presents, one was a gold necklace and the other was a 3-month subscription to My Little Box. Unfortunately, the necklace I got broke (stupid ASOS/brand that was on ASOS) so that had to be sent back, but luckily the box arrived shortly after Christmas in all its glory.

Lessons Learned in 2015 (The Non-Soppy Version)

3 Jan 2016

I say non-soppy, because as much as I love reading people's deep and meaningful 'What I learned in 2015' posts, I fancied writing a more light-hearted, relaxed one. No doubt you will see a soppy, 'This year I learned how to become the best version of myself' version soon!

1. I got 99 problems but a man ain't one and it don't matter 'cause #independentwoman.
2. French people can't spell my name ('Imoten' is not acceptable).