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Lessons Learned in 2015 (The Non-Soppy Version)

3 Jan 2016

I say non-soppy, because as much as I love reading people's deep and meaningful 'What I learned in 2015' posts, I fancied writing a more light-hearted, relaxed one. No doubt you will see a soppy, 'This year I learned how to become the best version of myself' version soon!

1. I got 99 problems but a man ain't one and it don't matter 'cause #independentwoman.
2. French people can't spell my name ('Imoten' is not acceptable).
3. Living half an hour from a beach was bliss central but doesn't mix well with studying.
4. Patience is a virtue, it's just a shame I don't have much.
5. Student overdrafts are fun.
6. Hangovers do not improve the older you get.
7. Some people suck.
8. Other people don't.
9. Good friends are for life, not just for Christmas.
10. Chocolate roulades can be baked, if you have a whole day to spare.
11. You can dedicate your life to the gym for a month but still put on 'visceral fat', whatever that is.
12. Plants in the family garden can be kept alive, even after forgetting to water them for a week.
13. Everyone goes crazy in final year (myself included).
14. Leeds Call Lane is fanbloodytastic. 
15. The Only Way is Essex will never be good, no matter how many times I'm forced to watch it.
16. Your first spinning class will make you feel like you want to die.
17. I'm more of a country gal than a city gal, but only just.
18. I can't play iPhone games for longer than 5 days without getting bored/deleting them before I become addicted.
19. Every single fresher at my university looks about twelve I swear (and I'm not just bitter).
20. British people are quite friendly, unless you're in London.
21. My shower rendition of Man in the Mirror is fantastic.
22. Brighton is still my favourite city.
23. Bagels are life, and the French do them very well.
24. French food is better than British food (SORRY).
25. Spotify's 'Discover Weekly' is greeeeat.

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