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Lumiere London 2016

20 Jan 2016
Charing Cross
I very, very nearly published this post as 'Lumiere London 2015' so firstly, let's just all give me a big old round of applause for getting the year right...

Did anyone notice that London had a little light festival going on this weekend just gone? I think it might've been advertised a bit, I think I saw it on Facebook all day and every day throughout the whole of the beginning of July. I mean it was well advertised, I'll give it that.

Apart from the one in Durham, the biggest light festival I've heard of is La Fête Des Lumières in Lyon and I've heard that it is fanbloodytastic. Unfortunately, despite actually living in France and a few hours from Lyon for the whole year, I was unable to make it to La Fête Des Lumières in 2014, due to the fact that my friend didn't begin her year abroad there until January (so selfish). I did however, manage to catch a little event in Montpellier, which although minuscule in comparison to Lyon, was pretty and magical in its own way. When I found out that there was something similar going on in London this year, I jumped at the chance to head on over and explore.

We weren't holding out that much hope because it is only the first year and all, but I'd say that on a whole we were pretty impressed. The displays themselves were fairly easy to get to, with most being located around Charing Cross - Oxford Street area, and while we didn't have quite enough time to go to Kings Cross, I think there were plenty of other areas to wander around.

As you scroll through the photos you'll see that there was quite a variety of displays and you should also bear in mind that I've only got pictures of about 25% of them! Some were better than others, and I didn't even bother taking a photo of the elephant in Central because it was so uninteresting (sorry, London). It was really bizarre to find that a lot of the ones I wasn't so keen on, my sister absolutely loved. The flying fish were 'amazing' to her and 'meh' to me, but the dresses in windows were 'whoa' to me and 'er no' to her. I guess that just shows how different we are in terms of personality and style, but it also shows that there really was a bit of something for everyone.

Regent Street
Regent Street
Just off of Carnaby Street

Just off of Carnaby Street

These two photos are actually from the windows of Liberty and not the Light Festival, but they were just so pretty I couldn't not include them!

Oxford Circus
Leicester Square
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Did any of you manage to see any of the displays? I'm hoping that they do it again next year and that I'll be living in London and can easily get there again!

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  1. I keep writing 2015 too, and if not that then 2017!! I'm so confused!

    The lights look amazing, I've never been to the Durham display which is daft cos it's only 10 min away on the train!


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