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My Little Box December // Late Opening

15 Jan 2016

Hello, all.

Christmas was a kind of rushed, there's nothing particularly big I want but there's also not enough small things I want, kind of affair. This seems to be happening more often than not as I get older, and I usually end up trawling round the shops with Mum in desperate search of impulsive, last minute inspiration. This year I got two main presents, one was a gold necklace and the other was a 3-month subscription to My Little Box. Unfortunately, the necklace I got broke (stupid ASOS/brand that was on ASOS) so that had to be sent back, but luckily the box arrived shortly after Christmas in all its glory.

My Little Box originated in Paris which is quite possibly the reason why it's so damn cute but sophisticated but also really exciting at the same time. I've always wanted to try out one of these subscription services, but to be quite honest with you I'm just not into beauty enough to be able to appreciate the luxury brands that are in boxes like Birchbox. It looks all pretty and cool but I'd end up forcing myself to use products that I would never normally use. So, the great thing about My Little Box is that the goodies include a few beauty bits and bobs, but also random little other things. This couldn't be any more ideal for me and I swear the whole concept and brand just screams ME ME ME. I mean, it obviously screams other people as well or they'd have no business, but yeah, it's definitely my style it breaks my heart that I only have three boxes of it. So anyway, my box arrived and it is c u t e central. I am sorry that it is the December box and yes, I am aware that it is not December (in fact, it's not even the beginning of January anymore), but it's just so pretty I wanted to share it with you all.

Disclaimer: No matter how much I try, the lighting in my house just doesn't work. I can't make pretty white pictures and yes, I have fiddled around with the exposure, brightness, contrast etc, etc, settings a billion trillion times. I mean, this Rituals body cream isn't even red, it's pink but whatever. If you're offended by my photos then no one's stopping you from going to a blog with better photos (Imii's have been on point lately, so if you're going to reject my blog for anyone else's then it should probably be hers). 

MyLittleBox Navy Blue Gloves: I started off December with 0 pairs of gloves, and I now have 3! These ones are fantastic because they're really cute and special and would look perfect on a winter evening when your hands are at risk of dropping off but you still want to look classy.

Kusmi Tea: I'm a big tea drinker but I am far too lazy to actually strain proper tea so can't wait to make my Mum use this to make me a delicious herbally cup of tea. 

NARS Mini Blusher in Orgasm: AS IF THE BOX INCLUDED A NARS BLUSHER. I don't really wear much make-up so I barely ever take any out with me, but when I do all I ever need to top up on is my blusher. IDEAL. I am so impressed that it was Nars' most popular colour as well, that shows that the folks at MyLittleBox are actually interested in giving you the best of the best. 

Rituals Body Cream: I don't tend to pamper my body much. Well, at all really, but I do love getting luxury products as gifts and can't wait to actually have soft skin when I use this baby.

MyLittleBox Nail Duo: In this duo came a lovely little navy blue polish and a glittery gold one. I only really paint my nails on special occasions because I'm lazy and also absolutely awful at painting them otherwise. So this little snazzy duo is p e r f e c t for those snazzy evening outfits.

MyLittleBox Make-Up Bag: 'I have far too many make-up bags' - said no one ever. Well, at least, I've never said that, and I think 90% of my make-up bags are actually freebies. This is a really cute 

Two more boxes on the way, oh happy, happy days!

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