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The Graduate Diaries Part Two // Annoying Questions

26 Jan 2016

Let's call this one: Annoying Questions

A lot of things annoy me and right now, there are a lot of things about graduates and graduating that are really starting to grind my gears big time. People will not stop asking me what I'm doing once I graduate, why I'm not applying to this, why I'm not applying to that, why I'm so chilled, why I'm so not chilled, blah blah blah. I get that it's an interesting topic of conversation and I probably ask other people about their future plans way too much as well but it can be kind of frustrating when everyone is working at a completely different pace. I know some people who have jobs already, some who applied to twenty different grad schemes and got nothing, some who are taking a gap year and some who are just seeing where life takes them. Everything is fine. All options are fine. Apart from leaving uni and to become a dustbin man or something. Not cool.

These are just a few of the common questions I get asked, with a few answers that have a little more sass and sarcasm than my real-life answers... unless you're a close friend in which case honesty will probably get the better of me.

'Have you applied to anywhere yet?'
Yes, no, maybe, get lost. I'll do it in my own time.

'Where have you applied to?'
Not telling 'cause I don't want your competition ha.

'Why haven't you applied anywhere?' - I was asked this in OCTOBER, people.
Because last time I checked we are all different people and we all work at different paces?

Why haven't you applied for any big grad schemes?
I will be applying to a few reasonably big graduate schemes but at the end of the day I know where I will work best, I know what kind of place I want to be working in, and a lot of the most popular grad schemes just didn't sound like my cup of tea.

'Have you thought about teaching?'
I have thought about NOT teaching, does that count? The amount of people that ask me this just because I study English and French and there's no obvious set career path. Having no obvious career path means I'm looking at it is an incredibly open degree which can lead into a vast range of great jobs!

'I'm going to apply for some Marketing & Advertising jobs just as something to do'
NO. NO. NO. NO. Argh this annoys me so damn much. It's usually people who think they can walk into it just like that, have never expressed any interest in the career, but think that it'll be incredibly easy money. I get that it's the whole 'well, I might like it so I might as well give it a try' thing, but really?

'London is soulless and the rent is a joke.'
Yes, I know the rent is ridiculously high. I know. I also know that everyone is always busy and quite a lot of the time the stereotypical Londoner is unfriendly and miserable. But as a young professional that is where I want to start out, that is where the top companies tend to be and if it doesn't work out then I will move on elsewhere. Simple.

'You really have to apply everywhere'
No, you don't? Maybe I'm hedging my bets but I don't have any interest in applying to a billion and one places that I may or may not want to work at. I will be applying to the companies I have researched, who I have taken an interest in and a liking to and I don't care if that is ten companies instead of fifty. I completely understand that for a lot of people, the 'apply to 100 and you might get 1' technique works but I would personally rather put all my effort into the ones that I really want. If I get nothing then things will work out anyway, with something else.

'I'm head hunted like, every day on LinkedIn'
Yeah so have I (well, once) so sit down, shut up, and leave us to get on with our own final years.

'It's so competitive you probably won't get anything'

'You should still apply somewhere even if you're 'not ready''
This is more applicable to people my age who are considering further studying, travelling, etc. You don't have to apply for jobs in your final year. You can take a year out, you can spend it studying, working at home, travelling, going on a yoga retreat, whatever. Each to their own.

'You're too excited about the idea of a working life'
Sigh. I'm realistic, I know it's not glamourous, I know that it'll be tough and I know I won't be earning much for my first few years. I'm not excited about that, I'm excited about beginning my career, working my way up, meeting people, being enthusiastic about what I'm doing, getting out of uni, being fully independent - is that enough?

'Have you thought about teaching?'
Again, I don't want to be a teacher now go away.

Are there any fellow students out there who are being asked these kinds of questions regularly? Don't you just wish you had started a job already?

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  1. Grrr people and their nosy life questions. I get it a lot with my relationship. First it's "when are you getting engaged?" Then the second we'd done that it was "when are you getting married" - I'm pretty sure on our wedding day people will be asking me when we're having babies! People just love to be nosy!

    Definitely ignore anyone who tells you London is soulless, I made amazing friends when I was there, had a fantastic social life and really enjoyed myself. Everyone should definitely experience living there while they're young, I'm so glad I did it!

    Chloe x


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