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The Graduate Diaries Part Three // What Exactly ARE Your Options?

19 Feb 2016

Let's call this one: What exactly ARE your options?

One of the biggest mistake that soon-to-be graduates can make is assuming that they have very limited options, be that in career choice, what to do after University altogether. You don't even have to get a job straight away but when you have people constantly bugging you with question after question it can get a little stressful, and there are times when you feel like you'll be disappointing everyone if you don't make your mind up immediately. At the end of the day, it's your life, not theirs, and there are three things that I think all soon-to-be graduates should remember:

Firstly, your two options are NOT to get a job for September or fail at life.

Secondly, you don't actually have to decide right now.

Thirdly, whatever you decide doesn't have to be forever.

Eight Places I Want To Go To In My Twenties

15 Feb 2016


That's a word which would probably not be used to describe me because I quite simply haven't been anywhere. I mean, I've spent time in places close to England like Spain, Italy and France, but we're talking big places, places out of Europe, places that are home to fascinating and bizarre cultures completely different to my own. I do like familiarity, absolutely, and I know that a lot of places would push me out of my comfort zone but what's the point of such a big world if you haven't seen any of it?

I also feel like if there's a time to get those travelling socks on then it's now. What better a time than before I start a career and before I have a billion and one work and personal commitments?