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Eight Places I Want To Go To In My Twenties

15 Feb 2016


That's a word which would probably not be used to describe me because I quite simply haven't been anywhere. I mean, I've spent time in places close to England like Spain, Italy and France, but we're talking big places, places out of Europe, places that are home to fascinating and bizarre cultures completely different to my own. I do like familiarity, absolutely, and I know that a lot of places would push me out of my comfort zone but what's the point of such a big world if you haven't seen any of it?

I also feel like if there's a time to get those travelling socks on then it's now. What better a time than before I start a career and before I have a billion and one work and personal commitments?

1. Milford Sound, New Zealand
My God it just looks so blue. The waterfalls entice me in more than anything else, but I'd also just love to visit New Zealand in general. Hobbiton, aka the set of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings is also on my 'to go' list for NZ, it's so little and un-lifelike that I think it'd be amazing to see it in real life!

2. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I absolutely love heights (so long as there's no risk of me dying). This looks like my kind of adrenaline fuelled activity, and the views look spectacular.

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
There are so, so many species of sea animals in The Great Barrier Reef and I'd say that I'm a water lover, so I would love to swim and snorkel and what better place to do it in than here?

4. Kyoto, Japan
I'm kind of lucky with this one because my sister is actually spending her year abroad in Kyoto from September 2016! I looked it up the minute I heard and fell in love with the beautiful images of gardens, palaces, and just the culture in general.

5. Route 66 Road Trip, USA
The absolute classic... or so I hear. I love the idea of a road trip so long as I'm not driving, I can't imagine driving for hours around England yet, let alone another country!

6. New York City, USA
I know NYC is meant to be overwhelming to some, but I'd love to witness the atmosphere for myself. There's so, so much to do and that shopping... I'd definitely be taking an empty suitcase.

7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Up there on the bottom right and doesn't it look fanbloodytastic?

8. Bali, Indonesia
I don't know if Bali has suddenly gotten really trendy, but I saw so many Instagram pictures of holidays there this summer and it looks absolutely amazing.

Have you been to any of these places? Have you travelled? If so, was it a solo trip? A trip with friends? A boyfriend? I'm kind of excited but also very nervous... mainly about gathering up to money to make one of these trips into reality!

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