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A Recipe For A Layer Cake

27 Mar 2016

Yes, I am back home and yes, that does mean that I have all of my equipment, plus a very keen sponsor (thanks, Mum) for all my baking. Oh, happy days. 

This Easter there were a lot of ideas thrown about the house, from an Easter Layer Cake, to Fondant Fancies (still happening), to Marshmallow Easter Hat biscuits (happened, picture to follow). I've always fancied the idea of a layer cake with lots of funky colours because let's be honest, even if it tastes grim it'll still look crazily impressive and people will just assume that I'm a great baker. I didn't actually find making this as difficult as I thought it might be, as the mixture itself is a classic victoria sponge and the only tricky part is colouring the different layers to perfection. As you can see, my bottom and second to bottom layers are a little too similar, and also a little uneven but hey, I tried.

My Little Box Opening // March

24 Mar 2016

You know I said that I had a My Little Box subscription for three months after Christmas? Then December, January and February followed? Well, it turns out that I accidentally on purpose renewed it and so here I am, in March, with another box. What a shame.

I had a sneaky peek at the theme of the box beforehand because I sadly have no patience and it was happy days when I saw the pastel colour scheme. We all love a good pale pink and pale blue when it comes to Spring, and 'My Little Bubble Box' for March is definitely trying to remind us that Spring is happening, despite the still freezing cold temperatures. I always love looking at the little magazine, first of all because it's so beautifully formatted and secondly, because it quite often gives you little tips about one of the products. The only downside this time was that despite being 'bubble' themed, the box did not feature a single bubble blower. Or you know those little pots you get when you're younger and can dip the weirdly shaped stick in and use it to make bubbles? Anyway whatever. Just a little bit of constructive criticism for you there, My Little Box, do with it what you will.

What Skills Does Blogging Give Us?

18 Mar 2016

When I was updating my LinkedIn profile the other day, along with adding 'baking' to my skill set (let's hope potential employers appreciate the importance of that), I also added 'blogging'. Blogging would have never even been considered to be a skill twenty, even ten years ago, but now that the online and digital world is becoming increasingly more essential, useful and innovative, an online presence in the form of a blog can really enhance your CV. Just like all our hobbies and interests, we gain certain skills from them. We develop general stamina, motivation, dedication, but blogging is also becoming a big part of a lot of companies who need someone who knows their digital stuff and who can write for an audience.

So, what skills do you gain from blogging?

M is for Music

15 Mar 2016

The first band I saw live were S Club 7. I was about 9 years old, it was their very last show in Wembley Arena and half of the band members cried. I was in the seating area with my Mum and sister and I think we had a great time, but considering the fact that I was about 9 years old, I really doubt I remember that much.

Fast forward a lot of years and the last little gig I went to was in November 2011, to see Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. The last big concert I went to was in June 2012 and that was to see Coldplay, and the last festival I went to was Boardmasters in August 2013 where I managed to spend 90% of my time on Newquay beach and 10% actually listening to bands, so I guess you could say that I haven't really spent a lot of time listening to live performances. I guess it just hasn't been at the top of my list of priorities in the last few years and as time went by I just forgot how much I loved hearing artists play live. The vibe and the atmosphere are things you just can't match elsewhere and after seeing three great artists perform recently, I am definitely going to be booking some more gigs soon.

Oh Wonder

I was introduced to Oh Wonder in October and they rocketed straight up to my favourite bands of all time. I think it's the combination of amazing (and I mean amazing, the harmonies are seriously on point) voices and their upbeat, fantastic melodies that got me. When I saw them at the Union, not only were their voices perfect, but both Josephine and Anthony were amazing performers, to the point where I actually really, really want to be them. Why aren't I as cool as that?

Favourite songs: Drive, Without You, Landslide

Fitness Friday // 5 Reasons To Get Into Fitness Today

11 Mar 2016

Hello, and welcome to another F I T N E S S  F R I D A Y special. 

Last week, I spoke about my gym class experiences, including which ones I find the most beneficial (big up Insanity) and for what reasons. This week, I'm taking a more general approach in a discussion of why getting into fitness is great, whether you're a walker, runner, cyclist, or anything else. Again, this is a completely subjective and personal thing, I'm only one person and I certainly don't claim to be an expert on anything health and fitness related.

For me, exercise seems to become a bigger part of my life when I'm stressed and struggling. Right now, I feel like it's been all 'blah blah final year blah blah stress blah blah want job blah blah when will it be June' and I've needed something completely unrelated to fitness to focus on, but something which also feels somewhat productive. Although I haven't seen many physical changes yet, I am undeniably happier and more energetic when I have a fitness routine. I've also noticed myself sleeping a lot better and taking less time to actually fall asleep.

So, what are my top five reasons for getting into fitness today?

1. Escapism.

This is the number one reason why I enjoy going to my gym classes every week because it allows me to escape. For that one hour, I can forget about the stress and worries in my life and focus on something completely unrelated.

First Year VS Final Year

9 Mar 2016

Disclaimer: Final year is not that bad, I promise. 

There are some things about final year that are great, like the fact that you actually know most people on your course, you don't have to worry about making friends with randomers, you can actually pick modules that interest you and you can even write a dissertation (ha. ha. ha.). The trouble is, once you reach that halfway point, you start to realise that you should probably stop being a child soon and start being a real adult. You should probably apply for those grad jobs instead of going out and you should probably start saving for the extortionate rent prices in London. At the same time, you should also probably make sure that you make the most of your last year studying and all that freedom that comes with it.

Although I had a lot more freedom to do what I wanted when I was a fresher, it feels kind of nice being on the brink of moving into the adult world. I feel kind of good about being a (partially) responsible and mature adult, who's actually not failing at life and does have quite a lot of potential (that's what my personal tutor said so it must be true). Would I like to be a fresher again? Sure. Only for a few days though, I can't hack those hangovers anymore and I actually feel really guilty if I have to miss class now. Look how much I've matured!

Going out four times a week

Turns into going out once every two weeks, to the bar, in the union, next to the library.

Calling your friends back home every day to tell them all the uni goss

Turns into calling your Mum every day for a therapy session.

Morning debriefs about the crazy night before

Turns into morning pep talks about how you 'can get through this', how it's 'only a few more months', and having extensive discussions about coping mechanisms.

My Little Box Opening // February

7 Mar 2016

It's February!!!

Oh no wait it's actually March. How did that happen? Well, for the context of this post anyway it'll be February still, because I have a My Little box to show you all. For those of you who haven't seen my December or January box posts, My Little Box is a wonderful subscription service much like Glossybox and Birchbox. This box is slightly different though as it's less beauty heavy and often has little lifestyle goodies and accessories.

This month's arrived back home, so it only just reached my university house. The great thing about that, is that it means the next one will arrive much sooner as I'm back home in two weeks. Praise the lord.

Fitness Friday // Gym Class Experiences

4 Mar 2016


It's been a super stressful, super up and down February but I'm ready to get over it, get over Winter and get back into blogging with some more posts for my series 'The Graduate Diaries', two gigs I'm going to in March, a recipe or two (no seriously) and a new series called 'Fitness Fridays'. This series title uses a technique I learnt in my English degree called 'alliteration' and I hope this makes you want to read it because alliteration apparently 'draws in the readers attention' and 'emphasises the title'. If you're reading this now then it definitely worked and you can email me asking me for more tips I learnt in my degree (along with compliments about my blog, please and thank you).

Now, onto the fitness stuff. I would consider myself to be an avid gym-goer, not to the actual gym, but to exercise classes. When I go to the gym I get embarrassed by my red face (seriously, it looks like I have a disease), my wet sweaty hair and my poor stamina. I also get bored and restless far too quickly and tend to end up leaving without making the most of my session. On top of that, I'm a self-confessed cardio bunny because the weights freak me out and they're always busy and I don't want to be judged or given a funny look so just no no all round no.

So the alternative for me was obviously classes, which were actually included in my gym membership (handy!). They suit people like me who need someone to shout them so they actually manage a proper work out and they're also a lot more fun than a boring gym session. Well, to me at least anyway.

It really is dependent on your gym/sports centre and your instructor, but this is just my opinion on each class, based on personal experience: