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First Year VS Final Year

9 Mar 2016

Disclaimer: Final year is not that bad, I promise. 

There are some things about final year that are great, like the fact that you actually know most people on your course, you don't have to worry about making friends with randomers, you can actually pick modules that interest you and you can even write a dissertation (ha. ha. ha.). The trouble is, once you reach that halfway point, you start to realise that you should probably stop being a child soon and start being a real adult. You should probably apply for those grad jobs instead of going out and you should probably start saving for the extortionate rent prices in London. At the same time, you should also probably make sure that you make the most of your last year studying and all that freedom that comes with it.

Although I had a lot more freedom to do what I wanted when I was a fresher, it feels kind of nice being on the brink of moving into the adult world. I feel kind of good about being a (partially) responsible and mature adult, who's actually not failing at life and does have quite a lot of potential (that's what my personal tutor said so it must be true). Would I like to be a fresher again? Sure. Only for a few days though, I can't hack those hangovers anymore and I actually feel really guilty if I have to miss class now. Look how much I've matured!

Going out four times a week

Turns into going out once every two weeks, to the bar, in the union, next to the library.

Calling your friends back home every day to tell them all the uni goss

Turns into calling your Mum every day for a therapy session.

Morning debriefs about the crazy night before

Turns into morning pep talks about how you 'can get through this', how it's 'only a few more months', and having extensive discussions about coping mechanisms.

Making short-term friends with anyone & everyone you meet

Turns into making friends with those who have no graduate job, because then you can wallow in self-pity together, and making friends with those who have a graduate job, so you can build that contact list and start networking.

Missing 75% of your lectures

Turns into actually feeling guilty when you miss any class because what if your tutor is disappointed? What if it actually affects your final grade?

Winging it in all your modules because you have no idea what's going on

Turns into picking and choosing modules that are actually really interesting, and even make you want to turn up to class... crazy!

Spotting an inspirational quote on Instagram & thinking 'awh, that's nice'

Turns into spotting an inspirational quote, screenshotting it, uploading it to your laptop and printing out a postcard sized copy for your wall. Or is that just me?

Going shopping for nights out

Turns into going shopping for work clothes, which you will probably never wear if you NEVER EVEN GET A FRICKIN JOB.

Not relying on caffeine

Turns into relying on caffeine even if you're like me and it has no impact. It must be the placebo effect.

Having no interest in commitment whatsoever

Turns into everyone rushing to find a boyfriend/girlfriend before they graduate. Tinder is a wonderful thing... for some.

Saying proudly 'I have no frickin clue what I'm going to do with my life'

Turns into saying sadly 'I have no frickin clue what I'm going to do with my life'.

Spending all your weekly budget & more

Turns into saving for your last summer because you need to travel travel travel.


Turns into 'I am so excited for July when I graduate and will be exam free forever.

Saying: 'There's no way in hell I'm doing that'

Turns into 'it's final year, I have nothing to lose, I'm doing it.'

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