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Fitness Friday // Gym Class Experiences

4 Mar 2016


It's been a super stressful, super up and down February but I'm ready to get over it, get over Winter and get back into blogging with some more posts for my series 'The Graduate Diaries', two gigs I'm going to in March, a recipe or two (no seriously) and a new series called 'Fitness Fridays'. This series title uses a technique I learnt in my English degree called 'alliteration' and I hope this makes you want to read it because alliteration apparently 'draws in the readers attention' and 'emphasises the title'. If you're reading this now then it definitely worked and you can email me asking me for more tips I learnt in my degree (along with compliments about my blog, please and thank you).

Now, onto the fitness stuff. I would consider myself to be an avid gym-goer, not to the actual gym, but to exercise classes. When I go to the gym I get embarrassed by my red face (seriously, it looks like I have a disease), my wet sweaty hair and my poor stamina. I also get bored and restless far too quickly and tend to end up leaving without making the most of my session. On top of that, I'm a self-confessed cardio bunny because the weights freak me out and they're always busy and I don't want to be judged or given a funny look so just no no all round no.

So the alternative for me was obviously classes, which were actually included in my gym membership (handy!). They suit people like me who need someone to shout them so they actually manage a proper work out and they're also a lot more fun than a boring gym session. Well, to me at least anyway.

It really is dependent on your gym/sports centre and your instructor, but this is just my opinion on each class, based on personal experience:

1. Spinning/ Keiser Cycle
After my first spinning class, I didn't want to go back. I thought I was going to fall down the stairs because my legs were like jelly and I genuinely considered leaving the room on multiple occasions. The best and worst thing about spinning is that it doesn't really get much easier. I still feel sick occasionally at the end of a seriously tough class because it does really push you, but only as much as you want it to because, at the end of the day, you are in charge of the gears. When the instructor shouts "GEAR 20!", you go gear 15 and just smile sweetly and they'll never know that you're completely ignoring them. Sometimes I like to go five gears down just so that I look like I'm really fit and eager, is that bad?

Best for those of you who like cardio and are happy pushing yourselves...

2. Body Attack
I wish this was at a more convenient time every week because when I did go it was right up my street. There was a heck of a lot of cardio, a bit of strength work and a bit of abs. I mean it's basically the same as insanity but with less of a strict regime to follow.

Best for those of you who like running around and jumping and feeling like your body has quite literally been attacked by the end of it...

3. Bums, Legs, Tums
This class always seems to be taught by fun ladies and I have actually been to quite a few different ones. Some focus solely on toning while others add in a bit of cardio so you get a more heart-pumping workout.

Best for those of you who want to tone multiple parts of your body...

4. Pilates
To be quite honest with you, I went to one pilates class and the lady just wouldn't stop winding me up with her "LIFT FROM THE BREAST BONE", "LIFT FROM YOUR RIBCAGE", and "YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT". I don't even know what the breast bone is exactly (obviously I can make an educated guess), but I guess you just have to keep at it with pilates and you'll eventually get the hang of it.

Best for those of you who want to focus on your strength, balance, flexibility etc, and are happy to persevere...

5. Boot Camp
I've been to a class that focused a lot on strength so we used a lot of weights with every exercise, and I've also been to a class which focused more on cardio and legs etc. Basically, you do a certain amount of reps for each exercise and it's often with a partner, so it's motivational and works key areas of your body.

Best for those of you who want a slightly more challenging workout than a BLT class...

6. Zumba
I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to let loose, have some fun and do a bit of dancing. I would not recommend this to someone who has no coordination or who feels embarrassed dancing, even in a group of girls.

Best for those of you who are quite happy looking like a numpty while shaking your bootay and feeling slightly sexy until you see yourself in the mirror...

7. Insanity
I've only ever been to this once (and that was literally last week), but I actually loved it. It was slightly more intense than the other cardio based classes I've been to and it didn't use any weights which was great.

Best for those of you who want to build stamina, and will happily work out without weights...

Have you gone to an exercise class before? What's your favourite? I never thought I'd say this but Insanity is actually my number one!

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