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My Little Box Opening // February

7 Mar 2016

It's February!!!

Oh no wait it's actually March. How did that happen? Well, for the context of this post anyway it'll be February still, because I have a My Little box to show you all. For those of you who haven't seen my December or January box posts, My Little Box is a wonderful subscription service much like Glossybox and Birchbox. This box is slightly different though as it's less beauty heavy and often has little lifestyle goodies and accessories.

This month's arrived back home, so it only just reached my university house. The great thing about that, is that it means the next one will arrive much sooner as I'm back home in two weeks. Praise the lord.

As you can see, February's box was 'Home' themed, although this only really meant that the non-beauty related items fitted in with the theme, but considering I live in a student house which is very temporary, I was quite relieved...

The first item was a cute little cushion cover with a pastel blue polka dot pattern one side and a beige, triangle pattern on the other. I will actually have to buy the cushion filling for this, but it goes really well with my room which is a combination of blues and pinks (it looks good, I promise) so the cushion will be worth it.

As a non-beauty fanatic, I really like products actually being picked out for me (albeit with no idea whatsoever of my preferences, skin types etc.) Having spent the past year in France, I also love French beauty products, especially the novelty of not having them in the UK, so I was thrilled to see three different goodies in my box this month.

1. Easy Morning Soin Perfecteur Visage - My Little Beauty 
This cream claims to brighten and hydrate your skin the morning. Lord knows if it'll make any difference, but as someone who only uses a light powder (if that), this will definitely come in handy!

2. La Véritable Creme de Laponie - Polaar
Did I tell you about the time someone shook my hand in the library (which in itself was a bit weird), and then proceeded to shower me with compliments about my 'soft hands'? Well yeah, that happened. Anyway, I think this cold weather has got to them because they haven't been as baby soft as I'd like them to be recently and My Little Box must've heard about this and sent me over some lovely moisturising hand cream.

3. Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat - Noxidoxi
As I said above, I'm really not a beauty expert. This looks cool and is big in France (apparently), so I feel kind of special having something you can't really get in the UK. Also, it's an exfoliating scrub and I've been looking for a face mask (but couldn't be bothered to buy one) for a while, so winner winner!

Last but not least was an adorable little blue photo frame, complete with a cute print (that I will probably not be keeping in it... woops). 

All in all, I'm really happy with my box again! I love the addition of the little cushion cover and the frame, but the beauty items have definitely taken the biscuit. They're finally all products that I will actually use in my day to day life and they're all French. Win win.

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