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What Skills Does Blogging Give Us?

18 Mar 2016

When I was updating my LinkedIn profile the other day, along with adding 'baking' to my skill set (let's hope potential employers appreciate the importance of that), I also added 'blogging'. Blogging would have never even been considered to be a skill twenty, even ten years ago, but now that the online and digital world is becoming increasingly more essential, useful and innovative, an online presence in the form of a blog can really enhance your CV. Just like all our hobbies and interests, we gain certain skills from them. We develop general stamina, motivation, dedication, but blogging is also becoming a big part of a lot of companies who need someone who knows their digital stuff and who can write for an audience.

So, what skills do you gain from blogging?

Dedication & Commitment

Although I don't have a regular ' I'm going to post three days a week without fail' blogging schedule, I've maintained for over two years, with my longest hiatus probably lasting for about a month. Apart from dancing and playing the viola when I was younger, it's probably the longest time I've committed to any hobby and that deserves a big congratulations to me for being fab and a great big mention on the CV.


Many of the jobs I've looked into have said that they like 'self-starters'. When I first saw this I thought 'what the heck how on earth could a student be a self-starter?' I don't have my own business, I don't have a brand, I don't make any money. I soon realised however that actually, although it isn't a business, my blog is the perfect example of taking the initiative and being a self-starter. Due to the nature of blogging, the vast majority of the time you're doing it completely on your own. You have to take the initiative in starting it and you have to take the initiative in keeping it up and posting. 

Writing & Proofreading Skills

Do you write your blog posts? Do you proof read them? Check your grammar? Check for clarity? Well then, you've learnt to write for an audience and to make sure that your grammar and structure is up to scratch and professional. These are skills that are often incredibly important in the job world.


Designed some elements of your blog? Creativity. Thought of blog post ideas? Creativity. Taken consistently high quality and well-edited pictures? Creativity. Your blog showcases your creative talent and you can really show off about that when speaking with future employers.

Promotional Skills

Even if you're not regularly scheduling your tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts, do you still have your social media accounts connected to your blog? Are you still aware of the do and don'ts such as switching up what you say in tweets linking to your blog? Not filling your feed with self-promotion? All of this is useful and shows that you're aware of your audience. If you know about tools like Hootsuite and Buffer then that's also often a bonus.

Communication Skills

I don't know about you guys, but if I wrote my English essays like I write my blog posts or vice versa, then I would be screwed. I've had to learn to adapt my writing style depending on which audience I'm trying to reach. I also spend time interacting with other bloggers, readers and sometimes brands and through this, I am constantly building up a rapport with individuals and developing my communication skills.

Research Skills

Do you check what other bloggers are writing about? Do you check what's already been said on a certain topic online, before writing about it yourself? Do you check what the latest trends are? I recently wrote about 'Eight Places I Want To Go To In My Early Twenties' and I had to source each image used from royalty free stock photo sites, along with finding out a little bit about each place I'd mentioned. Without that, my post would've been a boring, black and white, very short list.

What skills would you say that you have gained from blogging?
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