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How To Balance Blogging And Studying

22 Apr 2016

There seem to be a lot of bloggers out there who blog alongside their studies and if you're one of those, then you probably know what I mean when I say that balancing the two can be tricky. Sure, we have a lot of spare time without a full-time job, but there are plenty of other things which can get in the way, like essays and exam revision. Sometimes, we feel like we shouldn't be blogging even when we really, really want to, and sometimes even interacting with other readers on social media and through their blogs feels like something that we just don't have time to do anymore. I will be finishing studying for good in May (HOORAY!), but after four years of it, I feel like I've learnt a thing or two and am ready to impart my wisdom on you all...

1. Prioritise your workload

Even if you prefer blogging to your school/uni work (which let's face it, a lot of time we do), make sure that you're not prioritising the blog when you shouldn't be. If you have no deadlines then great, blog away. If you have a coursework essay to write then no, don't blog away. Be sensible about your choices.

2. Plan the heck out of it

Planning your days will really help you when you suddenly feel overloaded with work. If you plan your posts and photos in advance, then you will find it a heck of a lot easier to balance your time and energy. Think about investing in some pretty stationery bits and bobs and maybe allocate a notebook or two specifically to blogging, that way you can separate your blog organisation, and your studies.

3. Nail that scheduling

When I find myself with a lot of free time and I know that I have a lot of work coming up, I try to get a job lot of posts written and schedule them for the next week or two. This goes for scheduled social media as well, because even if a few tweets a day doesn't seem like much, it's very easy to forget them. Being way ahead on your scheduling is ambitious, yes, but give it a go and it really will help. I use Buffer for my tweets!

4. Confide in your readers

If you need to take a hiatus, then let your readers know. Tweet about it and you might even find others who are struggling and are keen to give you some advice. Everyone will understand, and remember that even the bloggers who blog for a living take time off when they need it. 

5. Allocate a specific time of the day to blog

I often read blogs in the morning because I take far too long to eat breakfast, but I also can't really concentrate on uni work until I've properly woken up and am in the right mindset for the day. I also tend to allocate the evening hours (when I'm not flitting about being a social butterfly) to a bit of relaxing TV and a spot of blogging. 

Do you study and blog? If so, what are your tips?

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