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Wait, I swear it's still March?

5 Apr 2016

March, March, March. 

When you're at university, March is one of those weird months when it's half term time, half home time and you can never quite relax despite not having classes all the time. You're kind of on holiday over the Easter period but you should also probably be spending more time studying than eating chocolate and seeing friends. In fact, a grand total of two of the pictures above are actually from the first half of the month in Leeds, because most of it was sadly spent writing essays, finishing take home exams and doing presentations in class (in French!) It wasn't all work and no play though and as soon as I got back home for Easter my days were filled with family time, yummy foods and catch ups with friends. I'm sure no one will be surprised to see that my Instagram feed has been, and will continue to always be, filled with photos of food, my dog, and coffee. The best things in life, you see.

Here is my March, or rather, the highlights of my March:

1. Snowy Scenes in Leeds when I left my house in the sunshine, then left my class an hour later in the snow. The weather's a weird thing.

2. A day trip to York with a close friend that I really wish I saw a lot more of. We wandered around the Cathedral and gardens before ending up watching the rowers go back and forth on the canal. We then found a pub and I got tipsy on two drinks. Yay me.

3. Walks in the countryside with Saffy, who seems to be as bouncy and as adorable as ever, despite apparently having a kidney problem!

4. Coffee in my favourite Italian coffee shop.

5. A haircut which looked all luscious and glamorous when they blow-dried it and now I'm having to style it every morning in order to make it look even remotely presentable. Can anyone recommend any quick hair growing techniques?!

6. A beast of a layer cake which was devoured very, very slowly in comparison to usual because Easter was full of lots of chocolate.

7. Tiffin's Tea Rooms which, unfortunately, is a 20-minute car journey away. We only have one little independent coffee shop in my hometown (see coffee picture above), despite it being quite big, so it's a treat to venture into the other surrounding areas of Hampshire.

8. Bill's breakfast which was the day after I'd been to the same Bill's for lunch. Am I sorry? No. Would I have preferred to switch it up a bit? Absolutely not.

Others in March:

What were the highlights of your month?


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