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My 2 Week Summer Travelling (kind of) Itinerary

15 May 2016

So, I finally have some sort of travelling plans and it's not a 'conventional' itinerary.

My original plan was to leave Europe this Summer, join the hordes of young people and head on over to somewhere like Bali or Thailand to party the night away and lounge on the beach/in boats all day. Unfortunately, a change of dates meant that flights went from £400 to £800 (if you're going travelling, don't go in July!) I kid you not, so we had to rethink our options and go for somewhere closer.

Kati has already been Interrailing in Europe and I've already been to the classics like Italy, France and Spain, so that narrowed our selection down quite a lot. Fast forward a two hour-long coffee date, along with a two hour-long skype and we had two countries, four destinations and four different accommodations all booked. Now that, is what you call organisation.

After some careful research, we stumbled upon Slovenia, or rather 'the adventure playground of Europe'. I have actually crossed into the country briefly from Italy, but never properly seen it and I have certainly never had the chance to do any crazy activities there. My friends stopped off in Salzburg, Austria, on their interrailing travels last Summer and said that it was beautiful, so we figured why not combine a trip there as well? To be honest with you, I can't wait to go somewhere new and somewhere where I can walk, be active and enjoy some beautiful scenery!

I say unconventional at the top of this post because usually when I think of travelling, I think of going to a tonne of different countries for a month or two, but hey, two weeks is better than nothing, isn't it? So although my dream to leave Europe still has yet to be fulfilled, I'm one step closer to seeing more of the world. Hooray!

Days 1 - 4 Salzburg, Innsbruck

We fly into Salzburg, Austria and will spend three nights in our Yoho Hostel, which plays The Sound of Music every single night. I am very excited about this but I can't help feeling bad for the poor hostel workers. At the moment, we have plans to visit the lakes surrounding Salzburg, along with Innsbruck which is less than two hours on the train away.

Days 4 - 8 Lake Bled

We'll be sampling the Austrian railway system to get from Salzburg to Lake Bled, which will no doubt be more efficient, cheaper and just all round better than the UK railway system. Our journey is less than four hours which seems pretty good for a trip from one country to another. We'll then spend four nights and three full days in Lake Bled, where we will no doubt be pretending to be each others significant other while we go on romantic row boat trips across the lake, dine in restaurants and visit the castle.

Days 8 - 12 Bovec

Now comes the crazy part. We will be spending three full days in Bovec and we will be White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Hiking, finding Waterfalls and Ziplining. I am SO excited I can't even express it. It's going to cost us an arm and a leg and I think we'll have to pass on Paragliding because we really don't have 145 euros to spend, but I am finally going to be going on a sort of adventure holiday and I can't wait. 

Days 12 - 14 Lljubana

Our last stop for two nights will be the capital of Slovenia. This is where our flight home departs from, and we've heard good things about the city. It'll be nice to be somewhere that's actually reasonably vibrant (ha) for the last stretch of our stay.

If any of you have ever been to these areas in Austria or Slovenia then please let me know what you got up to and if you have any tips!

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