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What a beautiful sunset you have, Barcelona.

27 Jun 2016

So, I went to Barcelona, I walked up a hill and I watched the sunset over the beautiful city. I love a good sunset but it was particularly special watching it from so high up and with such a spectacular 360 view. It also really makes me want to find the best places to watch the sunset in Britain from, and go on a little road-trip to seek them all out. Anyone with me?

We found this little view point through my friend from home who is currently living it up on her year abroad in Barcelona. Luckily, she's very much on the same wavelength as me when it comes to exploring cities and knew my priorities would be fantastic views and tasty food, so she gave us some great recommendations for both of these. One of her recommendations included watching the sunset from Bunkers Del Carmel, a very un-touristy spot, and another was a fab little brunch place.

Turns out, this place was a serious international student hotspot. I mean, a solid 90% of us looked under the age of 25 and for the most part people were listening to music, drinking and speaking English. The general vibe and atmosphere was great and was something I'd liken to being at a festival but without the drunkards and with a better view. Also, the music was meh and the oldie in me wanted it to be all peaceful and quiet. We brought a picnic with us and ended up looking like embarrassing tourists with our chorizo and baguettes but hey, nobody wants to be hungry on top of a hill, do they?

In terms of getting there, it was quite a journey from the Gracia neighbourhood we were staying in. When I say quite a journey, I don't mean that it was long but more that it involved me taking the group a good 10 minutes in completely the wrong direction (I did warn them that my talents lie elsewhere). Then we got on a bus and had to stand for 30 minutes while Georgie's gin and lemonade leaked all over the floor and all the Spanish people around us just frowned. After being dropped off in what looked like the middle of nowhere in a random Spanish town, we eventually found the place and unanimously agreed that it was well worth the struggle to get there.

I hope you all saw my first post about Barcelona last week, where I posted pictures from the spectacular Parc Guell and its mosaics. Gaudi really is great, isn't he? Next up will be a post about the day when I got all cultural and visited the Sagrada Familia, along with some try-hard shots of Spanish streets and the Casa Batlló. Yay!

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