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Hello, I'm back.

29 May 2017

Hello there everyone,

I'm back. Round of applause please.

I'm going to describe my very long hiatus as 'Imi tries to be an adult' because, quite frankly, I got swept up in trying my best to live a cool, instagrammable #londonlyf, while simultaneously working constantly and I wasn't paying any attention to the blogging world.

To summarise all key life events that have taken place in the past 10 months, I have:

Moved into a flat in London
Found a job in London
Been to Japan
Run a half marathon

and I've created and made my way through a London Bucket List.

All in all, I've been keeping myself busy, while realising I don't have the money to do all I want to do, while realising I have no idea what I'm doing in life, while realising I'm only 23 and really, who does have any idea what they're doing in life at this point?

But while my life has been work work play play work work play play, I've found myself missing writing and missing having somewhere to share my photos. So, I'm back and I'm going to get into the routine of blogging at least every two weeks, if not more. Let's see how it goes...

What types of posts will I be writing?

The short answer to this is who bloody knows. Having said that, I do have a few ideas up my sleeve already and a lot of photos that are just sitting in my albums waiting to be shared.

At the moment, I think my posts will tend to take the form of one of the following:

The 'I want to take the piss out of something/myself' kind of post

I've always wanted to write fun, taking the piss kind of posts (along with the usuals), but was always hindered by the worry that my hilarious, sarcastic tone of voice would be misconstrued over the internet. I'm now better trained in the art of not giving a damn, so you can all look forward to some stupid posts.

The 'Look at all my pretty pictures from my holiday' kind of post

I have a heck of a lot of photos and stories from Japan that I really don't know what to do with and seeing as I'm off to Lisbon in a week or so I expect I'll have a few from there too.

The 'I love eating' kind of post

In terms of my baking, I do still bake but it's a lot more difficult when I don't have much spare time or money, and I live in a flat with appalling lighting, you know how it is. I'm hoping that writing again will inspire me to start doing more baking though, so let's just wait and see.

Restaurant wise, I seem to have acquired an admirable knowledge base of everywhere to eat in London, to the point where I'm able to actually recommend places after having read about them rather than visiting them. So I'd definitely like to talk about my favourite places in more detail on the blog!

The 'Hey, did you know I live in London' kind of post

I'm a big fan of bigging up the London life and droning on about how fab it is. I'm sure it's one of my most current annoying traits but for that, I'm not really sorry. I've also started wandering around on my own a bit because it gives me a chance to go completely at my own pace rather than following other people, so I'll be writing about a few of the places I've been to on my own too.

So, there it is. Here I am, back on the internet, back on Twitter and Bloglovin'. If you have anything you'd specifically like me to write about then please let me know, otherwise I'm looking forward to joining the blogging community again! (If you'll have me back.)

See ya,